Finding an Amazon Merch T-Shirt Designer on Our Step by Step Guide

Getting Started

Getting started with outsourcing can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re totally new to platforms like or There’s a lot to try and think about, and getting a quality designer can be difficult.

Every time I’ve published this on I’ve had a huge response from designers, hungry for the work. Now just keep in mind, this is just a template and I’d suggest updating it to whatever suits your T-Shirt niche.

So the first step of this process is head over to, sign up and log into your dashboard:



Click the ‘Post Job’ button on the top right hand side to get started with your job listing.

The following screen lets you select the type of design you need. I personally selected the Part-time option. I don’t think it really matters all that much which option you select. Designers will still see the job and that’s the important thing.


Now you’ll be taken to the Job Postings screen, this is where things can feel a bit overwhelming. Here’s the template I use:


Select the Design & Creative > Graphic Design Category. This one’s pretty self explanatory

For the title I tend to put something along the lines of:

‘Looking for a experienced T-Shirt Designer (~$5 Per Design)’ 

Now I might being OCD here, but take your time to type this out nicely. Use capitals, make it look like your the real deal. If you don’t use proper grammar/punctuation people won’t take you seriously. Or if you want you can simply copy and paste my title above!

Quick note on pricing: $5 a design is pretty standard to be honest. If you order more than 10+ shirts you could negotiate a better price with your designer. Now it’s time to describe the work you want done:


I think this is the important part of the whole job listing simply because it outlines exactly what you expect from your designer. I often have designers who don’t even bother reading this and apply for the job. I rule those designers out straight away.  ​

Here’s what I put in my last listing on

I am looking for a graphic designer to produce hundreds and potentially thousands of high quality T-Shirt Designs for my growing T-Shirt Business. Most of the designs will consist of mainly text, but some may require simply graphics too. The designs will be in any and all niche or topics.

To start with, I will give you the niches and topics of each design for you to produce original design work. If you are interested in coming up with some of the T-Shirt ideas and categories yourself, then please mention this and we can also plan for this in future projects.


One designer required at $5 per design and less ($2 – $3/design) for larger bulk orders. For this position, I am interested in doing bulk order deals for discounted t-shirts.

Starting out, I will give you a small amount of t-shirt designs (5-10). Based on the results and quality of those 5-10 designs, we can gradually increase the amount of bulk design agreements.

Please send me some examples of your previous t-shirt designs to be considered.

Copyright infrigining designs, images and unlicensed fronts that available in the public domain will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

Thanks so much for your time.

It’s important to mention you take Copyright infringement really seriously. This also applies to font’s. High quality designers will already know about using commercially free font’s but I also mention it because I really don’t want to get my Merch account banned 🙂

In the next section down, you’ll be presented with a few multiple choice questions.

Even if you’re not planning on doing an ongoing project, I would select this option anyway. Most designers on are looking for an ongoing project and if you find a good designer you can continue to use them even if it’s a few months later.

I generally select both the Garment Designer and Other field just to specify that it’s a T-Shirt Designer that I require. I don’t think it hurts to be more specific with what you need. ​


Where will this work be used? Good question. I typically select Print and Other just because we’re creating designs for our print on demand business. Selecting just the ‘Print’ option is perfectly fine too.

I also select the ‘I have specifications’ option – this is so our designers know you have set measurements/requirements for your designs. Remember our designs for Merch need to be 4500 x 5400. Some designers tend to create much smaller files that need resizing later on which is time consuming so better to let them know up front.

At this stage we still only need a single designer so click first radio button below.

Once you scroll down you’ll need to specify what applications your freelancer/designer needs to have experience with. The industry standard for graphic design is Photoshop and Illustrator. Some designs use Coreldraw but I would say 90% use Illustrator.

The skills needed will look similar to what I’ve added below.

  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • T-Shirt Design

Again, feel free to add as many of these skills as you like.


Now it’s time to outline your budget. I generally input the amount I’m willing to spend if the designer meets my criteria. If you put smaller amounts in you’ll tend to attract cheaper/not as experienced designers which is not really what we’re after. You can sometimes get good entry level designers, but to play it safe I go for intermediate.


Scroll down until you reach the Freelancer Preferences section. This part is actually pretty cool because you can decide if you want allow Freelancers outside of upwork to apply for your job. I’ve never had a design outside actually apply yet, but the options there if you need it.

The Preferred Qualifications section is also pretty straight forward, but the one thing I will recommend is having a 90% success rate selected. Anything below 90% and you’re going to run into some issues.


Next, we need to put some screening questions together for the designers who’ll apply for the job. Feel free to copy what I’ve got listed below.

  • Do you have any questions about the job description?
  • What questions do you have about the project?
  • What type of T-Shirt design do you have the most experience with?
  • Are you able to creatively come up with just a basic niche idea? Please provide an example? (ignore that typo sorry haha)

And then I always ask for a cover letter. It’s like applying for a new job – the more effort someone puts into the cover letter the more it tells you about them.


Click Post Job, and you’re done!

Once the job is posted, you can manually ask for designers to apply for your job or just give it a day or two and see who has put in for the work. I’ve had some great success with and I think it’s a really simple process to find quality freelancers. If you have any questions, just leave them below.


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