– Podcast 3 – Feb 2017 – Catch Up With Jacob Topping

Hey guys,

This weeks Podcast was so much fun! I caught up with Jacob Topping and we went over some of the following topics:

  • Why Jacob got Started with Merch
  • How to create Merch Designs using only the iPhone and become a fully mobile Entrepreneur
  • How traditional Artists are using Print on Demand to create a unique products
  • How one Print on Demand site has over 1400+ products to print your designs on!!!
  • Getting started with Amazon Seller Central and Shopify Integration
  • Jacobs routine, outsourcing and work flow for creating Merch Designs
  • Design Pickle and using VA’s
  • And most importantly, Jacob’s new eBook!!

Merch and the world of Print on Demand.

I can’t stress enough how awesome this eBook is going to be! It covers the following topics:

An expansive guide to all things Merch and the World of Print On Demand (POD), including selling via Merch By Amazon and many other popular top Print On Demand sites.

Step by step instructions (way beyond just what to do, but – HOW exactly – to do it also), how to guides, glossary, a list of 30+ POD platforms (with metrics about each one! Tips for settings, tips to boost conversions of existing designs), technical specifications ( including file dimensions, recommended resolutions, etc, across multiple platforms),  plus additional tools and resources to help you improve your sales.

Includes additional links to videos, software programs, and loads more information about how to EXPAND your merch business, and drive more sales. OVER 60 PAGES, plus bonus files included with the book.
New to Print On Demand? No problem. The book has a glossary which covers much of the jargon people use, such as POD, MF, ASIN, sublimation, DTG, and many other industry specific words that might be new to you.

Experiences with Print On Demand? No problem. The book covers a wide variety of POD specific items to help you improve your existing listings, reach new markets, leverage organic traffic, find awesome features buried deep in the settings sections of POD platforms. I’m sure that you’ll find some addition new info that you may not have seen anywhere else.

Of course, there’s always new information and techniques becoming available, and changes in the platforms (Amazon’s 60 day rule, Shopify’s Amazon integration app, New Shirts on more sites… etc.), so I’ve included a pile of places you can connect with other experts in the area of online merch and Print On Demand platforms, across multiple social media outlets, websites, blogs, videos, courses, and more!

Ordering via Pre-Order saves you 40% off the launch price, which will be $57USD. You’ll have access to the book March 6th 12AM EST.


TIP: Selling a shirt for $19.99 on Merch By Amazon makes you $7.68 in royalties. If this book helps you sell 8 shirts (as above), you’ll make $61.44 in royalties. I believe everyone can sell more than 8 shirts after reading this book… So buy the book.

PS: In case you missed it above, if you get it on the Pre-Order, then you save $23!

Aka, selling just 5 shirts would more than cover the cost of the book… at $38.40 in royalties… So definitely order via the pre-order, you’ll save $$, and learn how exactly to sell more shirts via Merch and 30+ other top notch Print On Demand platforms.

Get your pre-release copy at a stellar price of $34:

Thank you Jacob for coming up We loved having you on the Podcast!!

Graphic Designer, Artist and Entrepreneur

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  1. Some good points here, great conversation guys!
    Rock on..

    1. Thanks Leith! Appreciate it!!

  2. this was one of my favorite books this year

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