– Podcast 6 – March 2017 – Merch Minds & Learn to Sell Anything Udemy Course

Hey guys!

I was on the Merch Minds Podcast with Glen & Yong! We chatted all things Merch and my story with Print on Demand and Merch-Nerds so far. Glen & Yong are awesome guys and they’ve been offering an amazing amount of content to help anyone getting started with Merch & Print on Demand!

In this Podcast I also talk about a course I recently did on Udemy that I has helped me tremendously in y ability to sell myself, and my build confidence in selling my Merch Apparel. Go check it out here

Also, don’t forget Jacob Topping’s new Merch & The World of Print on Demand is now available and is an absolute must for anyone getting into the Merch business. Check it out here

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