– Podcast 8 – April 2017 – The best FREE resources YOU need for Merch by Amazon

When you’re just starting out with Merch by Amazon or the print on demand industry, finding good quality FREE resources can be really difficult. In this weeks Podcast I go into depth about the resources I’ve found that have helped me on my journey so far with Merch by Amazon. Find the links below!

The resources mentioned in this weeks Podcast are:








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13 Replies to “ – Podcast 8 – April 2017 – The best FREE resources YOU need for Merch by Amazon”

  1. Hi Luke – really nice podcast..highly appreciate your effort and sharing those information. Just one thing…where is that spreasheet to find pls?

    Continue that good work…


    1. Hey Michael! Template now added! Enjoy 🙂

  2. The OUTSOURCING TEMPLATE is missing 😉

    1. Sorry Niels! Template now added 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Great template! Thanks!
    You mentioned an online course you took and said there’d be a link to it in the show notes but I don’t see here.

    1. Hey Anna! Link has been added to Viral Style! Amazing course.. I’m watching it again actually. Hope you enjoy the resources 🙂

  4. Hi Luke – really nice podcast!
    I went to download the MICHAEL ESSEK ebook and he is offering the first 3 chapters only.
    I downloaded them but what if I want the hold book?
    I can’t find any link to the book, any help?

    1. Hey Kevin! Good news, Michael is planning a big update to his ebook in the next few weeks! Keep an eye on his site for the new release 🙂 glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  5. Great podcast, Luke. As always. Thanks, Ben

    1. Thanks Ben! Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  6. Super Podcast Luke! Some really great info here!

    I think we can use Google Fonts as well though they’re not as fancy! ¬ lol

    Your tracking spradsheet will come in super handy I think!

    Re. Michaels Book if you sign up to his mailing list you get it at half price for 3 days… SOLD!

    1. Nice one Adrian! Michael’s book is great, and so is his Facebook group 🙂

      I’m planning to have him on the Podcast in the next few episodes. Thanks again for the feedback!

  7. Hello, thank you for writting this!

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