– Podcast 12 – Running a Merch By Amazon Business from Australia – with Stephen Heffernan

Wow, what an awesome Podcast this one was! If you’re interested in running a Merch by Amazon business from anywhere outside of the US you need to listen to this Podcast.

Today I caught up with a friend of mine – Stephen Heffernan from Sydney. Stephen and I are both on the 500 tier with Merch and we talk about our journey so far, our tactics for getting more sales, using as well as awesome keyword strategies. If you’ve ever wondering how to setup a bank account with Payoneer, an Aussie Bank account or how the exchange works with selling in the US you’ll love all the topics covered in this Podcast.

(Sorry about the low volume on my mic this Podcast guys, didn’t have my mic with me when this was recorded)

There are some serious gold nuggets in this weeks Podcast.

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13 Replies to “ – Podcast 12 – Running a Merch By Amazon Business from Australia – with Stephen Heffernan”

  1. Hey Luke – have you got a link to the screen sharing? Can’t find it! Thanks, Ben

  2. Hey,
    Your iTunes podcasts are not working right now.
    I tried to listen to your podcast here, but you failed to mix it stereo, therefore one voice is heart on the left ear, and the other voice on the right ear which is not comfortable… make it stereo 🙂

    1. Thanks Mori, I’ll remix it to Stereo and re-upload it tomorrow.

      Appreciate the feedback! =)

      1. Hey Mori,
        Fixed the issue with the Stereo sound.
        Should be coming through both channels now!
        Thanks for listening.


  3. G’day Luke,
    Your podcasts aren’t working with Overcast app. I’ve managed to download all your other stuff with no issues, but Episode 12 simply won’t download. Do you have it available for download anywhere else?


    Ryan H.

    1. Hey Ryan, is that all the Podcasts or just the last one? I might re-upload if that’s the case. Thanks for listening mate!

      1. Hey Ryan,
        Turns out it was an issue with my SSL certificate after I moved to the new domain name. Thanks for letting me know.

        If you can’t listen once the SSL updates (hopefully over night) let me know!
        Thanks for the feedback mate! Appreciate it.

  4. Loving the podcast, thanks! Can’t find the screen share you promised of your March Informer session though, am I missing something?

    1. Hey Jen,

      Video is now below.. silly me forgot to add the link!


  5. Martin Mendez says:

    Where is the screen sharing video?

    1. Hey Martin,

      Video is now available below. Forgot to add the link! Cheers

  6. Hi Luke,

    Super Podcast loved it! Passed it onto my friend Michelle in Melbourne.

    Couple of quick questions:

    1.) I think you or your guest mentioned you sell on Ebay. Do you sell new products there sourced from a POD platform? Can I ask what kind of things do you sell?

    2.) Keywords: Do you mix general and specific keywords and what is the best balance you’ve found yourself? Could you explain how best to use long -tailed keywords again as in the app world we use single keywords, and Apple e.g. combines it in all variations. Does it work like that with Merch by Amazon?

    Thanks again Luke.. I’m learning heaps from you dude! 🙂

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