– Podcast 11 – May 2017 – $50k+ From A Simple Text Based Design

Hey guys,

The last three weeks have been crazy busy! I was recently tiered up to the 500 tier on Merch By Amazon and I’ve put the pedal to the metal to try and upload as many shirts as humanly possible! I’ve seen a real boost in sales this month by focusing on lower competition key words and using Neil Lassen’s Merchinformer software to find secret niches.

I’ve also just recently signed up for Rachael Rofe’s Low Hanging System (LHS) and I’ve started creating a number of Mugs, Novelty shot glasses, Hoodies and other products that integrate directly to Amazon. Rachael’s boyfriend Don Wilson is the owner of, one of the only print on demand companies that has direct Amazon, Ebay, Shopify Integration. GearBubble directly integrates with Amazon allowing you to sync all your products with the click of a button. Super fast and super easy – I love it!

Rachael’s system is extremely easy to use and for anyone either waiting to get start on Merch or wanting to take advantage of the organic traffic from Amazon, this is an exception system that I highly recommend.

Using the link below you’ll be able to sign up for only $297 and get a special bonus off of free Amazon Integration (normally $99 a month) and $50 gear bubble credit! Pretty awesome deal if you ask me!

Low Hanging System



Get Merchinformer here!

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6 Replies to “ – Podcast 11 – May 2017 – $50k+ From A Simple Text Based Design”

  1. Hi Luke,

    This was REALLY interesting… but could I ask:

    1.) What do you think about setting up a brand in Merch? In theory it’s a no brainer but as this world seems to be a Pirates delights do you recommend setting up several small brands to avoid your whole catalogue being copied in one feel swoop?

    2.) Is there any recourse now to the China Mug Copycat that robbed so many of Rachel’s sales in Gearbubble?

    3.) I got the impression you need to use Amazon FBA/Prime/Dropship to make the Low Hanging System work. What are your thoughts on that Luke?

    3.) I never hear mention of checking images for copyright/Trademarks. Can these be checked via USPTO as well?

    Thanks Luke…

  2. G’day Luke,

    I just listened to this ep and wanted to sign up for the course, but your link takes me to a page that is now charging $997 for the course.
    Any idea if the price will drop again to $297? The current price is a bit rich for my blood!

    Cheers mate, love your work.

    Ryan H.

    1. Hey Ryan! I noticed they recently bumped the price up to the LHS.. let me ask in the Facebook group to see if I can get you the old $297 price. I’ll come back to you in a day or two!

  3. I cannot download this or even play it here on the website. This is true for theee other casts as well.

    1. Hey Martin. Thanks for that.. since I moved domains iTunes keeps messing up the sync to my site. Hopefully it’s all good now though

    2. Hey Martin! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. My site has had some major issues since the last WordPress update. Everything is all sorted out now! Let me know if there’s any issues downloading Podcast Episodes 🙂

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