Printful’s New Direct Amazon Integration Is Here!!

Integrating your print on demand store with Amazon has been possible for a few months now with help of Shopify’s plug in. It’s an awesome way to drive huge amounts of traffic from Amazon to your store and it gives you a huge amount of range of products that you wouldn’t normally have with Merch by Amazon. However the process to get setup is some-what complicated if you’re new to the platform and can be costly to get up and running.

As of today, Printful has just made the whole process a whole lot easier to start selling your products on the Amazon platform with their direct integration.

How does the new integration work? Well, you can now list your products on Amazon using a seller central account and when an item is sold it’s sent directly to Printful for printing and shipping. Basically this cuts out Shopify from the equation and saves you $29.95 a month. Go check out the followinf blog post from Printful with in-depth instructions on how to get setup with the best Print on Demand company out there!! Go get selling!

Printful now has direct Amazon Integration!


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