– Podcast 5 – March 2017 – How Marcy Mo Generated over $600 worth of sales in Tier 25

In todays Podcast I catch up with the wonderful Marcy Mo from Hustlergirl. Marcy has been absolutely killing it in the 25 tier on Merch by Amazon and she talks through how to use keywords, back linking and social media to boost your sales.

Marcy has already sold well over $600 worth of sales by using a combination of techniques that drive traffic to her shirts. Not only that, but she shows us the shirts she had designed, her bullet points and social media tips and tricks.

Thank you Marcy for joining us on the Merch-Nerds podcast!!

Graphic Designer, Artist and Entrepreneur

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  1. Ben says: Reply

    Fantastic podcast. Really useful advice. Thanks! Ben

    1. Thanks Ben! Glad you’re enjoying the Podcast. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂

      1. Ben says: Reply

        You’re welcome, Luke. Just about to listen to your podcast with Glen and Yong.

        1. Awesome! I had so much fun with Glen and Yong. What’d you think of the Podcast? 🙂

  2. Cody says: Reply

    You mention that Marcy shows the shirts she had designed. Is there somewhere I can view them? Thanks

    1. Hey Cody! You can check out Marcy over at:

  3. Hi Lukey Boy,

    If you’re on 25 tier will your 25 shirts will show up twice, once in the Male section and once in the Female?

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